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We have been developing high-tech purified water installation services since 2004

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We offer a wide range of 100% customized services for purified water installations and we develop inter-industrial projects of the highest quality



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Authorized service

We offer complete, high-quality post-implementation services: troubleshooting, equipment consumables and spare parts.

EU standards

The validation documentation for all our projects is comprehensive and in line with the standards set out and applied in the European Union.

Innovative solutions

Our engineers apply their extremely solid professional experience to develop complete solutions, efficiently.

State-of-the-art technologies

All our production and operational processes are driven by high technology, offering products and solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.


KOGAION COM SRL is a Romanian OEM that designs and builds complex systems for the production, storage and distribution of purified water for the pharmaceutical industry (PW & cold WFI), cosmetics, chemicals, microelectronics, or hydrogen production.

The systems designed by us are controlled by microprocessor, using our own software, original, validable according to CFR21 part 11.

Our equipment complies with all cGMP and EP / USP standards for PW and WFI purified water.


Theodor Prodan, Labormed

The Kogaion company delivered and has commissioned in 2007 a system for the production, storage and distribution of purified water, which, at that time, proved to be one of the most modern in the Romanian market.

This system still works today, in the parameters described by GMP and EP.

Kogaion proved to be a reliable, serious and professional partner, not only during the implementation of the project, but also after that, when we needed to train the staff to operate the purified water system.

Ioana Marinescu, Plush Bio

My collaboration with Kogaion COM SRL has started in 2018 and continues beautifully even now.

The work carried out by the coldWFI production, storage and distribution system is at excellent standards, and the man Mihai Maxim, the project manager, proved to be a partner of great human and professional quality. The standards set by the coldWFI water production, storage and distribution system are in line with cGMP, EP X and CFR21 part 11, and one of the strengths of working with Kogaion is the way in which the warranty and post-warranty of the work are respected.

Everything is extremely prompt and I would definitely choose this collaboration again!


Our clients are the label of professionalism


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